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At Luchtbal – Antwerp, Belgium

30th May 2001 – Luchtbal, Antwerp, Belgium

Set List

  1. Something
  2. Higher Beings Command
  3. Amethyst Deceivers (Version 1)
  4. What Kind of Animal Are You?
  5. Blood from the Air
  6. I Am the Green Child
  7. Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil


Feeling: Glowing

“Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil” phase. Debut performance of “What Kind of Animal Are You?” The song replaced “Titan Arch” in the set from this point on. Rumor has it Coil recorded a studio version of the song, but it remains unreleased.

John does not sing on “Something” but he does sing an exclusive set of lyrics on “Higher Beings Command”:

Higher beings command their powers to the ground
Higher beings command their powers to the ground

Higher beings command their powers…

Higher beings command their powers to the ground

Then the gremlins of this evening
Have destroyed all visual destruction
The Adrenalin Gremlins
Have struck at our destruction
The Adrenalin Gremlins
Have struck at our destruction
The Adrenalin Gremlins
Have struck at our destruction
The Adrenalin Gremlins
Have struck at our deception

Higher beings command their powers to the ground

“Amethyst Deceivers” fades in, as though they started the backing track as such. This gig also marks where John started to use his vocalizer to change his voice; all following performances follow this model.

John sings some exclusive-sounding lyrics towards the end of “Blood from the Air,” but I struggle to make them out.

As “I Am the Green Child” commences, John says, “I am the Green Child. I am the Green Child, and I am going to fuck everyone (?) tonight!” This, as far as I can tell, is the longest version of the song, at over 10 minutes.

As “Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil” commences, John says, “It’s gonna get louder, it’s gonna get louder, it’s gonna get louder. This is gonna get louder, louder, louder, louder! Louder, louder, louder, louder!” Towards the end, John sings, “Stay young and beautiful / It’s your duty to be beautiful,” which is a reference to the 1933 Abe Lyman song “Keep Young and Beautiful,” which was covered by Annie Lennox in 1992. He also sings, “There’s nothing wrong with hate, there’s nothing wrong with hate” repeatedly, which I believe is an exclusive line.


John Balance – vocals, Alexis AirFX on “Amethyst Deceivers,” Yamaha SPX 1000 pitch-shift effect on “I Am the Green Child,” metal sheet percussion on “Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil”
Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson – Ableton sequence, video projections, Clavia Nord Modular Synthesizer, backing vocals on “Blood from the Air”
Thighpaulsandra – Fenix Synthesizer, Clavia Nord Modular Synthesizer
Simon Norris (Ossian Brown) – Kurzweil Synthesizer
Tom Edwards – marimba

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Cultuurcentrum Luchtbal
Columbiastraat 8A,
2030 Antwerpen,



Gig Review(s)

The following is a review of the concert published a long time ago but recently shared with us in a Word document by the writer, Carsten S.:

COIL LIVE IN ANTWERP : 30-5-2001 Is There Life On Other Frequencies ?

by carsten s.

Finding Words for a Coil Performance is actually a challenge – especially as there were only very few of them in the meanwhile more than 15 years of Coil`s history and there have never been many groups around who could be compared to them.
So after the announcement of this mini-tour (Antwerp-Amsterdam-Leipzig) expectations raised high and everyone came out prepared for a nearly unique event.
It was no surprise to hear that the tickets have been sold out long ago when we arrived at the very friendly CC LLuchtbal with movie-theatre seat rows and place numbers. Of course we where to early but we were not alone, people from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany mingled together, dressed in all styles you`d somehow expect to be attracted by the diversity of Coil, sitting outside in the grass and waiting for the things to happen.

As warm-up 2ND GEN appeared; a solo act on computer with computer-manipulated video screen.
Hard beat layers reminding of Ministry´s heydaze (without guitars) and ´classic industrial` sequencing around the hurting boarder mixed with a bit live percussion on 2 tracks and added text fragments on the screen. The volume setting on permablast cleared the mind for the things to come.

After a break in the foyer (non-smoking and non-drinking area above of course) Coil finally hit the stage – to be welcomed by spontaneous applause of all the people like me who could hardly believe that this was actually happening.
The stage setting, opened to the audience – not confronting them, lies in comfortable half-darkness, a line of light bulbs hanging in the front of it all, a smell of myrrh (at least that was my impression) started to creep through the seat rows while all of them, dressed in similar overalls with mostly short hair, prepared their gear to go.
I really had a hard time to figure out who´s who besides Peter Christopherson (electronics and mixing) and Jhon Balance (vocals and thundersheet). Later on I get confirmed that Thighpaulsandra (Synthesizers), Simon Norris (Synthesizers) and Tom Edwards (Marimba) have been present too.

PC starts the intro mantra „Something“ while JB toys around a while with the light bulbs, the others remain busy but I can´t see with what actually – and like this it remains most of the time.

Then JB gets to his microphone and as he raises his voice to the limit suddenly the whole scenario reminds me of the Temple past of them and it`s a bit like time stood still and they just continue where they left the live performing all this time ago.

Spotlights in brown/golden and lilac illuminate the more and more unreal appearing Coil members through the waves of a smoke generator while versions of „Amethyst Deceivers“ and „Higher Beings Command“ get unleashed, plus a new one „What Kind Of Animal Are You“ .
The last of these spreading a more ambient Tibetan / buddhistic happiness as f. e. „Teenage Lightning“ does. Krautrock-like escapades blinked through and pointed out what JB said about Moon Musick; Coil approaching a lunar phase that corresponds with the female principle ,which has been completely disclaimed by them in their earlier days, and therefore now a way more free attitude with sounds and forms.

This mood suddenly gets counterpointed with an impressive version of „Blood In The Air“.
I think everyone was surprised they picked this special track for a live situation, but nonetheless it worked perfectly. The complementing voices of JB and PC accompanied by the very disciplined and precise beats and bits left everyone stunned. Completely out of this world.. a song no one else besides Coil could have recorded nor played in concert.
Even knowing it was already performed in Nantes this spring I could hardly believe it – and it showed that JB´s voice had nothing lost at all over the years.

In a completely different direction than followed „I Am The Green Child“ with JB using his voice
particularly in a manner reminding of Edward Ka-Spel. Heavy psychedelic mutations accompanied the very long piece which once more showed very detailed and playful the new influences Coil embrace today.


The set is closed and equalized with an intense extended `heavy industrial` crescendo, „Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil“ came into the mind and there it stayed. Fascination through concentration
creeped through the audience as this powerful audio assault kept going on towards new heights for nearly ever. The percussion metal sheet in the back suddenly got abused as JB started to bang his head against it before he closed with mantra like repetitions of the final words „There´s nothing wrong with hate / There´s nothing wrong with aids“ (not sure if I got the last one right, though) .
Exhausted he disappears, leaving PC as the main driving force who expands it even further for a while before he lands the T.G. like construct safely.

The musicians appear at the front row, salute and leave.

No encores are given. Long lasting applause until the light re-appears. The audience stands up and falls back into the normal time / space continuum. „An hour never felt that long or so short“ my mate remarks stunned. I remain speechless – without anything clever to say.
Besides Coil I can‘t think of many artists who could handle such a diversity and complexity in sound, structure and ….emotion. Don´t ask me to name any.

Attendee Recollections

Maarten Schermer attended this gig and remembers: “at the Luchtbal, which was a seated venue, i was sitting in one of the front rows, almost right in front of the left-hand speakers. I was a bit worried about how loud Coil were going to be, but opening act 2nd Gen (i think it was) was so harsh, I was appropriately deafened once Coil came on. I seem to remember that the video machine for the backdrop stopped working, almost immediately, I think. Peter tried repeatedly to get it to work again, to no avail, and at some point just gave up, shaking his head.”

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