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At Fabrik

10th April 2002 – Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany

Set List

  1. Anarcadia: All Horned Animals
  2. Amethyst Deceivers (Version 2)
  3. Slur
  4. A Cold Cell
  5. Broccoli (Version 1)
  6. Paranoid Inlay
  7. Sick Mirrors
  8. A.Y.O.R.
  9. Backwards


Feeling: Reflective

“Backwards / The Remote Viewer” phase.

Before “Amethyst Deceivers,” John says, “Dr. Crowley and Dr. Ausley welcome you to the spectral health spa, specializing in astral disasters, broken auras, ectoplasmic disorders, and people in need of celestial lubrication.”

As “Slur” begins, John says, “This song is dedicated to a good friend, who I haven’t seen for a long time, Marc Almond. It’s also dedicated to all the mushroom boys.” John thanks the audience after the band.

Before and as “A Cold Cell” begins, John says, “Uh, Coil tonight are Simon ‘Ossian’ Norris on keyboards, and our hurdy-gurdy player is Cliff Stapleton, Mike, Michael York on the Breton bagpipes, and someone who used to be in a band or two that you may know, uh, Sleazy Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, and I am Angie Bowie, tonight. I am Angie Bowie. Couldn’t you tell the moment I walked on? This song actually is very serious. In fact, it’s about people in prisons in particular in Azerbaijan, from the video, and about people in prisons everywhere, and Flora.” This is one of only two times I know of where John meticulously introduced every member of Coil live. Angie Bowie was the wife of David Bowie, who was famous in her own right for costume work, modeling, writing/reporting, and open bisexuality. John eventually added the lyric “I am Angie Bowie, no!” to the song “Sine Waves,” in effect also changing the name of that song to “I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves)!” John also thanks the audience after the song.

Before “Broccoli,” John says, “This next one is about ancestor worship, and it’s called – it’s a vegetable, heh – and it’s called ‘Broccoli.’” John then starts making strange noises into the mic, before continuing, “Avatars, avatars, avatars, avatars…” repeatedly. The last lyric is “I never had.”

Before “Paranoid Inlay,” John says, “This next song is about the malice contained within inanimate objects, and it’s dedicated to two people, one of which is Jim is, uh, Jim Woodring, who is a fantastic cartoonist living in America and I recommend you seek his work out. That’s Jim Woodring, and it’s also for his wife Mary.” Woodring is currently still alive and is most famous for his magazine Jim and anthropomorphic cartoon character Frank.

Before “Sick Mirrors,” John says, “This next one is a somnambulist ambulance thing. It was whispered to me by the hairy mother of God.”

As “A.Y.O.R.” commences, John says, “Oh, yes. An infector, an infector calls. Everything you do in life, whatever you’re doing is at your own risk, it’s at your own risk!”

Before and as “Backwards” commences, John says, “It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, , which is good, which is good, which is good, and that means everything can keep dissolving, everything keep dissolving, and if you look up there, there’s a wounded galaxy tapping at the window, just over there. A wounded galaxy tapping at the window.” John drops the mic at the end of the song, and says, “Remember, constant shallowness leads to evil, and that’s all, folks, thank you.”


John Balance – vocals, sleigh bells on “Anarcadia: All Horned Animals”
Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson – Ableton sequence, video projections, Clavia Nord Modular Synthesizer
Simon Norris (Ossian Brown) – Clavia Nord Modular Lead Synthesizer, sleigh bells on “Anarcadia: All Horned Animals”
Cliff Stapleton – hurdy-gurdy
Mike York – Breton bagpipes, bombarde on “Anarcadia: All Horned Animals,” balalaika on “Broccoli” and “Paranoid Inlay”

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