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At Vooruit

2nd April 2002 – Vooruit, Gent, BE

Set List

  1. Anarcadia: All Horned Animals
  2. Amethyst Deceivers (Version 2)
  3. Slur
  4. A Cold Cell
  5. Broccoli (Version 1)
  6. Paranoid Inlay
  7. A.Y.O.R.
  8. Backwards


Feeling: Reflective

“Backwards / The Remote Viewer” phase.

John was particularly talkative, here. Before or at the beginning of every song, he announced the title and gave some rather telling descriptions of their subject matters.

John growls and yells into the mic towards the end of “Anarcadia: All Horned Animals,” and after the song, he says “That was Queer, that was ‘Queer Wolf’ for all the people, the people-animals whose eyebrows join in the middle.” The song was indeed originally called “Queer Wolf,” but I am unsure when the name change officially took place to “Anarcadia: All Horned Animals.”

As “Amethyst Deceivers” begins, John says “This is ‘Amethyst Deceivers.’ This is about, this is about the birds who control time and space.” Peter must have messed up the backing tracks because at the start of the song, sections repeat and are all offbeat.

Before “Slur,” John says “This next song is ‘Slur,’ and it’s about being sodomized in the ruins outside of Marrakesh; the ruined cities of Marrakesh. It’s a time-travel thing.”

Before “A Cold Cell,” John says “’A Cold Cell,’ not so appropriate for tonight, ’cause it’s pretty warm in here.”

Before “Broccoli,” John says “This, uh, next song is ‘Broccoli, Broccoli.’ It’s from Musick to Play in the Dark, uh, 1 or 2; I can’t remember. It’s about ancestor worship and about taking some time every day to just remember your ancestors and sort of draw on their strength and remember that they were there so you can be here now, basically.” John pronounces “dark” like “tark,” and the song was the fourth track off of the first volume, in fact.

As “Paranoid Inlay” begins, John says “This next song is ‘Paranoid Inlay.’ It’s about the malice of in-in inanimate objects.”

Before “A.Y.O.R.,” John says “We’ve got a wild animal over there, yes?” referring to an audience member, who says “Is too.” John retorts, “Yes, indeed. Is that the end of my microphone, put there? Is it going longer? Thanks. Sometimes you have to go there at your own risk. ‘At your own risk’ means ‘A.Y.O.R.’”

Before “Backwards,” John says “God, it’s hot, here,” which receives massive audience cheers. As the song begins, he says “We decided we can’t go forward anymore, so we decided to go backwards.”

John’s closing words: “Thank you. That’s it, tonight. Thank you very much for coming. We’ll be back when we can, do different things again.”


John Balance – bells on “Anarcadia: All Horned Animals”.
Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson.
Simon Norris (Ossian Brown) – bells on “Anarcadia: All Horned Animals”.
Cliff Stapleton – hurdy-gurdy.
Mike York – Breton bagpipes, bombarde on “Anarcadia: All Horned Animals,” balalaika on “Broccoli” and “Paranoid Inlay”.

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