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At Palac Akropolis

27th October 2002 – Palac Akropolis, Prague, CZ

Set List

  1. I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves)
  2. The Last Rites of Spring
  3. Are You Shivering?
  4. Amethyst Deceivers (Version 3)
  5. A Warning from the Sun
  6. Drip Drop
  7. Windowpane
  8. Ostia
  9. I Don’t Want to Be the One
  10. Bang Bang (Sonny Bono Cover)
  11. An Unearthly Red


  1. Windowpane
  2. The Last Rites of Spring (Synth)
  3. I Don’t Want to Be the One


Feeling: Reflective

Live Four” phase.

Thighpaulsandra believes this gig was “hit and miss,” claiming the next gig was quite superior. He explains that’s why the live album Live Four wasn’t entirely comprised of one or the other. I think another reason could be the apparent sound problems the band were having. In the video during “Amethyst Deceivers,” for example, you can see Thighpaulsandra repeatedly tapping the keys with no sound coming out. “A Warning from the Sun” also suffers from these problems, as the main synth riff is hardly heard at all. One could also attribute the mixed quality of the performance to John’s apparent drunkenness; one report claims he was high on absinthe and was asking fans for drugs backstage.

At one point during “I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves),” John says the lines, “I cannot hear myself in the monitors, Andy, no! / I cannot hear myself in the monitors, no!” This is only heard on unofficial sources, however. It seems these lines were edited out on every official release.

As “The Last Rites of Spring” begins, John says, “Thank you. Becoming ourselves. Andy, I still need more vocal monitor stuff, please. I cannot hear what I am.” After the song, he says, “I wanna say (?) thank you. Thank you for coming, thank you for being here.”

The audience hysterically applauds as “Are You Shivering?” begins. After the song and as “Amethyst Deceivers” begins, John says, “Moon musick from the moon to you (?). For those who take the little mushrooms, or take the liquid LSD. Or to the DMT.” Thighpaulsandra’s synth notes go out of tune towards the end of the song. After the song, he says, “Thank you,” followed by something I can’t make out.

“A Warning from the Sun” segways right into “Drip Drop,” wherein Thighpaulsandra plays some rather demented synth keys that almost transform the song into a cocktail number. That is, until the last few minutes. The song segways right into “Windowpane,” where John starts to hone the lyrics:

She said, “Do not,” so I did
Took liquid LSD in my eye 

I took liquid LSD in my/the eye (repeated)
I took liquid LSD and made it cry (repeated)
I put liquid LSD in my eye (repeated in various arrangements)

Now start! (?)
(I) put liquid LSD in my eye (repeated)

John thanks the audience after the song and vocalizes some of the manipulated samples that play after the applause.

As “Ostia” begins, John says, “A track from Horse Rotorvator called ‘Ostia.’ Dedicated to all the poets and all the queers.”

As “I Don’t Want to Be the One” begins, John says, “Sometimes, I can’t hear what I’m doing properly. Sometimes I cannot hear what I’m doing properly. Sometimes, I hear what I’m doing improperly. Sometimes, I see my reflection, tsk. Sometimes, a deflection, inflection, a perversion, a diversion, whatever, and it’s, it’s not me I read about. Very rarely, anyway. It’s not me I see. It’s very rarely, anyway. I, I hurt, and it hurts, and it works, and it hurts, and it works, and it hurts, and it works…” Afterwards, John says, “And I always say, sometimes, I really have to be. So do these people surrounding me who I love. And now, something mysterious was played on the piano.”

“Bang Bang” became a visual highlight at these shows at some point – possibly not this one, but this gig was the earliest to show it in video. Massimo and Pierce would slowly approach each other, crouch down, stick a finger into each other’s mouths and suck their fingers, tongue kiss, and then dramatically collapse to the floor. During this particular performance, John’s mic drops at the end of the second chorus, causing Thighpaulsandra to screw up a note. After the song, John says, “That was dedicated to Courtney Love.”

As “An Unearthly Red” begins, John says, “Now, it’s gonna get messy. White rabbit.” After the song, he finishes, “Thank you very much for coming. That is it for tonight from us. We do appreciate you coming, ‘cuz I know you’ve traveled a long way. Thank you from all of us onstage tonight. Thank you.”


John Balance.
Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson.
Thighpaulsandra – piano on “Bang Bang”.
Simon Norris (Ossian Brown).
Massimo Villani – Pasolini poem on “Ostia,” performer.
Pierce Wyss – performer.

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ART FRAME Palác Akropolis, s.r.o.
Kubelíkova 1548/27
130 00, Prague


AMT #1 + AUD #1b + SBD Matrix Mix

Attendee Recollections

Angakok Thoth attended this gig. He remembers: “nice show anyway. was there. offered jhon some mushrooms, but he asked me if i don’t have some speed instead… it was quite sad to see him drinking again…and two days later in wien with like 20 cuts on each of his arm from his wrists to his shoulders. (he said he did that after his drank too much absinth in prague)… compared to how healthy he looked not long before that in munchen…yes yes. been to 4 gigs altogether. mufatshalle/munchen, acropolis/praha, flex/wien and ocean/london. sometimes had chance to be with them backstage. other times talked with them… prague/wien – it was really interesting to see two shows just two days apart in different cities. In prague the vibe was incredibly positive (perhaps also because of the vibe of the city back then & lot of young psy-trance people in the audience, many people dancing). wien was totally the opposite. audience consisted mostly of black wearing people (+ few uniformed freaks and few vienesse underground celebrities.). Jhonn in some dark mood (still hangover?) with cuts all over his arms. I found it strange that they picked Wien to be main part of LIVE FOUR cd. In my opinion Prague was as intense as Wien, but with much more interesting vibe.”

Joe Silber attended this gig and remembers: “I attended this show, ecstatic that they were finally performing again. I’d moved to Prague six months before and was preparing to go to Vienna to see them if I had to, and then they announced a gig twenty minutes by tram from my house. Mindblowing stuff. My friend Chris and I spent about an hour talking to John afterwards. One of my sweetest music memories.”

Soma Radonar attended this gig and remembers: “In Prague (2002) with my wife – it was first visit some live experimental concert in her life. And, of course… with my friend (publisher). We traveled 200 kilometers from our home. My friend had before the show some discussion with William Breeze about Aleister Crowley’s book copyright, about the possibilities of translation into Czech lang., It was in some restaurant in Prague. That place I do not remember now. Unfortunately, the deal was not possible. Show was as the best of piece music magic(k) for me. After the performance I wrote some review for TAMTO REVUE magazine (only in czech).”

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