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At Tavastia Klubi

21st October 2002 – Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki, Finland

Set List

  1. I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves)
  2. The Last Rites of Spring
  3. Are You Shivering?
  4. Amethyst Deceivers (Version 3)
  5. A Warning from the Sun
  6. Drip Drop
  7. Ostia
  8. I Don’t Want to Be the One
  9. Bang Bang (Sonny Bono Cover)
  10. An Unearthly Red


Feeling: Reflective

Live Four” phase.

There’s no applause after “I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves)” and the song does not segway into “The Last Rites of Spring” for a change. After the latter song, John says, “A little bit of possession on that one, I think. A, an animal spirit, a lemur. A lemur. A lemur eating a hallucinogenic millipede, but not killing it. Just milking the hallucinogenic juices.” From Wikipedia: “Black lemurs [eulemur macaco] also have a habit of picking up and biting at toxic millipedes. The toxins are usually not fatal to the lemurs and they try to stimulate the millipede to release its toxins in self-defence. Once this is achieved the black lemur will rub the millipede around its body to get the toxins on its fur. It is believed that they do this to help repel insects with the millipedes poison. However other researchers have theorized that they may also do this for a source of pleasure. Because when they inhale or swallow enough of the toxins, it inhibits their monoamine oxidase system and as a result gives them a high sensation.” That particular quote lacks a citation and there’s been debate as to whether or not lemurs just do it to build up their immune systems, but given John’s words and the backing video the band would use during the song, Coil certainly believed lemurs would get high off millipedes.

Before and as “Amethyst Deceivers” begins, John says, “Denizens of the deep, denizens of the deep, denizens of the deep, awake. Rise up, surprise us with your tentacles. Animal amulets dissolve pain. Iron objects still remain. Mushrooms must be gathered by the hunters in the woods. Mushrooms must be eaten and swallowed whole. Hallucinate dream space,” then faintly, “Drink, drink.” The song once again starts with the percussion. Noteworthy lines in this version

Teach you to little children with the Mexican temples
You can be taught by the little children in these Mexican temples
The Inca
It’s assassin time [?]

The Inca, the Mayan lion, the Mayan lion, the Mayan lion, vision, thing, thing, thing, temple, temple
What do call that new temple [?]
I’ve got the length [?] temple thing [?]

A little mushroom show you had to see
How to weave dreams out of time and space
You make room for the mushrooms
So make room for the mushrooms
Drink the reindeer’s piss (repeated)
Drink the rain (repeated)
Drink the water (repeated)
Every last drop, (of) the red and white spot
Spot the (red) rain/reindeer

After the song, he says, “Thank you, thank you.”

Before and as “A Warning from the Sun” begins, John says, “Beware of solar flares. They’ll destroy your laptop computer. Beware of solar flares. They will destroy your laptop computers.” The song segways right into “Drip Drop,” which bears the following interesting lines: “It’s in the trees, it’s coming / I’ll come all over you.”

Before “Ostia” really begins, John says, “This is a song about Pier Palo Pasolini, and it’s dedicated to all the poets and the queers, here.”

As “I Don’t Want to Be the One” begins, John says, “Sometimes you read things, and sometimes you hear things from other people. These sort of thing, why, what are they talking about? Who are they talking about? Are they talking about me? Are they writing about me, or a person they think is me? A reflection, a deflection, a refraction, a reaction, a collection, a defection, an action, a reaction, a defection, inflection, and sometimes I just feel wrong with it, and I think I hate it. Nobody knows me, I don’t know myself. I don’t know myself. Just a little bit, maybe. Sometimes, sometimes, maybe, and I say to myself, ‘I don’t like this person I’m seeing or hearing about. I think I don’t want to be the one. I don’t want to be that person, I don’t want to be the one. Put here, put there. Spoken about here and there, now and then. I don’t want to be the one. To be here, or put there.’” Interesting lyrics:

Sometimes, it gets too much, sometimes, I get too much [repeated]
I don’t to be the one, I really don’t
Fucking listen to me now

After the song, he says, “But then again, sometimes I have to be.”

Thighpaulsandra hits a particularly harsh bum note during “Bang Bang.” After the song, John says, “That was dedicated to Courtney Love. She brings a bad reputation to the word ‘witch,’” earning him some laughs from the audience.

John sings some interesting lyrics on “An Unearthly Red”:

Superpowers, ha!
He said, ‘A vision of a burning bush’
A biblical, a vision of a burning bush
A vision of a burning Bible
Who has it for survival
Imprinted, imprinting, imprinted 

And the president of America wakes up in the middle of the night with his hands dripping, dripping red,
an unearthly red
And he doesn’t know if it’s dripping red or tripping red, tripping or dripping…screaming an unearthly red
He wakes up and he thinks, ‘Oh, God told me to do it!’
Bloody footprints all over the White House carpet
Bloody footprints all over the White House carpet – what are they gonna do? How are they going to clean that up?
An unearthly red in the presidential bed
Tripping and dripping
Dripping right hand, tripping left hand
Oh, my mother is Satan

According to Peter in the liner notes to Colour Sound Oblivion, the day after this gig, “On route to Poland, via the Latvian port of Riga, at dawn, Jhonn passed out cold in the car park, waiting for the bus to pick us up, and couldn’t, or wouldn’t, be woken.”


John Balance.
Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson.
Simon Norris (Ossian Brown).
Massimo Villani – Pasolini poem on “Ostia,” performer.
Pierce Wyss – performer.

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Tavastia Klubi
Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6
00100 Helsinki


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Tuukka Franck attended this gig and remembers: “Saw them in Finland 2002. Was one of my first magical experiences..”

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