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14th December 1999 – “20′ to 2000” – Volksbühne, Berlin, DE

Set List

  1. Zwölf


Only performance of the song. Performed under the alias ELpH

According to Jon Whitney, this was technically not a gig. It was actually a live stream broadcasted online. Peter, who was the only band member present, cheated by merely playing a backing tape without any on-the-fly edits.

However, Robin Rimbaud performed the night of this gig as well and recalls: “I saw you write about the ELpH show with Peter in Berlin at Volksbuhne. I remember that well as I was performing that night too, as part of the entire evening dedicated to the 20′ to 2000 series of releases. I remember chatting with Peter at length regarding his adventures in Berlin prior to the show and then he most definitely performed live. The theatre was packed. It’s a theatre usually used for more traditional musical performances and we were all astounded at the PA speaker system that offered sound on almost every level of the space. So it was most definitely a performance in a theatre with a capacity crowd. I have no recollection of the night being filmed but then again in those days many events weren’t documented in the same obsessive way we tend to do so today! Anyhow, I should really dig out my diary entry from that time as I’ve kept it since I was 12 years old and never missed a day since 1976 so it’ll most definitely be recorded in there. I wonder what I thought of it at the time :-D”

Regarding the amateur video, Stefan Beiersmann, who shared his copy, had this to say: “This was once offered as a real media stream. I don’t remember where. It must have been in the early 2000s. I remember that I had to search for a tool that was able to store the stream on my hard disk. It was of course no official source. Perhaps it was mentioned in the Coil newsletter on brainwashed.com. That was my main source at that time.” From what I can make out of the rather pixelated video, it’s just someone wandering around the empty venue set to the song as the soundtrack. A “proper” Coil gig would later occur at this venue on April 12, 2002.


Peter Christopherson – stream performance

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The CD release this performance was based on was number 12 in the series 20′ to 2000, published on German label Raster-Noton

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