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Threshold House Greedbag – store site originally opened by Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson. You can still buy a few albums and see some of Peter’s various comments.

Thighpaulsandra - official website to former Coil member and solo artist Thighpaulsandra. Since 2019, he has taken a more active step in the Coil world, including selling merchandise and releasing new archival material.

Anarcocks – official website to sister act Anarcocks/Black Sun Productions.

Cyclobe - official website to sister act Cyclobe, a band comprised of, among others, former Coil members Stephen Thrower, Ossian Brown (Simon Norris), Cliff Stapleton, and Mike York.

Cliff Stapleton - official website to Cliff Stapleton, who played hurdy-gurdy in Coil.

Throbbing Gristle - official website to sister band TG, which Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson co-founded.

David Tibet - official website to sister band Current 93 and friend to John Balance, David Tibet.

Other Coil Fan Projects

The Golden Age of Bloodsports – Phil Barrington’s own fan project! This is a fan-made book containing “the collected words, lyrics, & performed songs of Jhonn Balance.”

Live Coil Archive - Kiefer Gorena's Youtube channel, where you can watch and listen to all publicly available live Coil performances.

Mark Lally’s website – contains original photo sessions he did with Coil.

Graham Duff’s review of Gold is the Metal with the Broadest Shoulders.

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