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At 3rd Tsunami / Amager Kulturpunkt

16th October 2002 – 3rd Tsunami / Amager Kulturpunkt – Amager Bio, Copenhagen, DK

Set List

  1. I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves)
  2. The Last Rites of Spring
  3. Are you Shivering?
  4. Amethyst Deceivers (Version 3)
  5. A Warning from the Sun
  6. Drip Drop
  7. Ostia
  8. I Don’t Want to Be the One
  9. Bang Bang (Sonny Bono Cover)
  10. An Unearthly Red

UNSURFACED concert – probable tracklist. Massimo later stated it was a typical gig of the “Live Four” phase at the time.


Feeling: Reflective

Live Four” phase.

Images of a poster and flyer from this gig, along with one photo of the band during “Ostia,” have surfaced.

A couple of people attended this gig. One in particular, Mads Peder Lau Pedersen, remembers: “I was there, and it was brilliant, though I was probably too young to get a grasp of just HOW brilliant. Sadly the only time I saw Coil live. I believe I have two posters from that gig. A lot of people whom one would expect to be there didn’t show up, as the ticket was a bit pricey for the time. A “grail” filled with incense was passed around among the first few rows; I was the one who handed it back to Balance, and I still like to believe we had some kind of eye contact, even though we probably didn’t…”

In general from this point on unless otherwise noted for individual gigs, Massimo and Pierce would come onstage wearing their black costumes. After “The Last Rites of Spring,” Ossian and Thighpaulsandra would strip the pair of the lower half of their costume, and then after the third song, the pair would crouch as Ossian and Thighpaulsandra came back to them to remove their heads. This of course led to variance in the intros of the songs, in that Ossian and Thighpaulsandra would not play until a minute or so into the songs. Due to the addition of the costume and what visual records there are of these shows, their choreography slowly became more and more rehearsed and interesting as the gigs went on.

Generally, Massimo and Pierce would pretend to shiver during “Are You Shivering?” don expressionless faces and slowly spin in circles during “Amethyst Deceivers,” raise their hands up in the air during “A Warning from the Sun,” cradle their heads in their hands during “Drip Drop,” swoon to the music during “Windowpane” (when it was played), crouch on their hands and knees and slowly turn their heads across the audience during “Ostia,” stand up and slowly bleed out of their mouths during “I Don’t Want to Be the One,” either stand and look forlorn or approach each other and drink each other’s fake blood during “Bang Bang,” and finally maniacally dance like animals during “An Unearthly Red.”


John Balance.
Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson.
Simon Norris (Ossian Brown).
Massimo Villani.
Pierce Wyss.

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Amager Bio
Øresundsvej 6
2300 København S


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