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At Spoiler MuseumsQuartier

30th October 2002 – Spoiler Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria

Set List

  1. Spoiler Talks [Workshop / Q&A]

A spoken word event.


Feeling: Talkative

John Balance and Thighpaulsandra were notably absent. Drazen, a friend of Peter’s and occasional videographer for Coil gigs, was in attendance at this talk.

According to Discogs, this is:

“a 110-minute recording of a lecture/workshop presented by Coil at the Spoiler electronic culture centre in Vienna, Austria on October 30th, 2002. This release is limited to one copy which can be borrowed free of charge from the Spoiler library in Vienna.”

This was part of a series, called Spoiler Talks, of workshops among various artists. Coil did theirs on October 30th, 2002, one day after the Flex, Vienna, AT show and fresh off the “Live Four” tour. Not really a workshop, per say; Peter talks about how he got into music, and then there’s a Q&A with the audience. A few interesting points are addressed.


Peter Christopherson.
Simon Norris (Ossian Brown).
Massimo Villani.
Pierce Wyss.

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Spoiler MuseumsQuartier
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien/Vienna



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