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At Il Violino E La Selce Festival, Jesi

11th July 2004 – Il Violino E La Selce Festival, Jesi, IT

Set List

  1. The Gimp (Sometimes)
  2. Sex With Sun Ra (Part One – Saturnalia)
  3. All the Pretty Little Horses
  4. Tattooed Man (The Dark Age of Love)
  5. Teenage Lightning (10th Birthday Version)
  6. Wraiths and Strays
  7. Black Antlers (Where’s Your Child?) (Bam Bam Cover)
  8. Bang Bang (Sonny Bono Cover)
  9. Amethyst Deceivers (Version 1)


Feeling: Shrouded

“Even an Evil Fatigue” tour, “Black Antlers” phase. The last “major” tour of Coil’s existence.

Supporting act: Antony and Julia Kent.

Final live performance of “Bang Bang” and “Amethyst Deceivers (Version 1)”

Coil apparently were excited to play in Fano again so that they could be by the sea and expressed disappointment when they found out that this Il Violino E La Selce Festival would take place in Jesi.

Until a flyer of the show surfaced on Facebook, all sources, including official ones, claimed this gig took place on 2004-06-11, NOT 2004-07-11.

As is recorded on all recordings of this show, the sound mixing started off terribly but by “All the Pretty Little Horses” became much better.

Before the concert begins, a blip from “Teenage Lightning” plays. Probably just a mistake from Peter.

As “Sex With Sun Ra” begins, John says, “Thank you. Uh, this next track’s called ‘Sex With Sun Ra.’ Something I’ve never had.”

Before “All the Pretty Little Horses,” John says, “Thank you. We’re truncating – we’re making short of the things tonight because we haven’t got enough time, unfortunately, to do the long versions we wanted to do so…apologies for that, but maybe you’re being saved from our indulgences. I don’t know.” Indeed, this gig is shorter than the rest of the gigs of the tour. “Black Antlers (Where’s Your Child?)” is hit particularly hard in this regard, only lasting about 6 minutes before it grinds to a complete halt, rather than the usual extended 15 minutes or longer versions. I would assume that the band curtailed the rest of the songs so that they could fit in a rather lengthy rendition of the old favorite “Amethyst Deceivers.”

As “Tattooed Man” begins, John says, “This next song’s dedicated to a friend of ours, Marc Almond, who was a certain age, uh, last week. It’s his birthday.” Marc Almond’s birthday is on July 9 and he turned 47 in 2004.

Before “Teenage Lightning,” John says, “Another strange version of a new song. We keep playing around with these things; every time we play them, it’s completely different, so there you go. And the next song is about a natural phenomena [sic] you get when you get two teenagers together and you rub them together, and you have a natural phenomena [sic] called ‘Teenage Lightning,’ which we managed to capture on Love’s Secret Domain a long time ago.” After the song, he says, “Thank you. I just want to say, uh, thank you to Antony and to Julia for supporting us tonight, thanks for coming, and for being here, ‘cuz they were wonderful, they were really beautiful, so thank you to them.”

Before and as “Wraiths and Strays” begins, John says, “This is another new track. It’s called ‘Waifs and Strays.’ Borrowed from Marc Almond again, who did ‘Waifs and Strays.’ This is ‘Wraiths and Strays,’ as in gossamer-like ghosts that stalk the streets of London, especially in the Shoreditch area, or outside Turnmills if you know where that is. FF and all that, you know.”

After “Black Antlers,” John says, “Oh, complications, complications.”

“Bang Bang” and “Amethyst Deceivers” are the only two times that Coil revived old gig songs mostly in their original forms from the past in a new performance (“Broccoli” was revived for an entire phase and of course there are the various other versions of “Amethyst Deceivers”). The latter resembles the first live version, due to Tom’s marimba, and the former is played an octave higher than during the “Live Four” phase and has an additional verse at the end:

I’m lying on the ground
If you ever come around
And if you come back to me
I’ll show you how sweet a boy can be
I’ll show you how sweet a boy can be
Bang bang

John thanks the audience after “Bang Bang,” which members of the audience laugh and sing along to.

Before and as “Amethyst Deceivers” begins, John says, “We are going to do ‘Amethyst Deceivers.’ Debbie Harry has a t-shirt with the word ‘Vulture’ on it; I want to get one. Apparently, it’s a waste disposal company from New York, so if anyone goes to New York and happens to visit a waste disposal company with a t-shirt saying the word ‘Vulture,’ please think of me. Can we have strobe lightning at some point during this song please? Bright light, white light. Oh, bright light, or white light (repeated).” An extended section at the end has John repeating “To the vultures” repeatedly. There is a picture of Harry with the t-shirt on in question online.

John’s ending words are: “Thank you for coming! We’ve had a quite few difficulties, but I don’t know what we’ve done with them, so, but thank you for coming, so see you again soon, hopefully. Thank you, night night.”


John Balance – mini-harp (egg cutter) on “The Gimp (Sometimes)”.
Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson.
Thighpaulsandra – piano on “Bang Bang”.
Tom Edwards – marimba.
Cliff Stapleton – hurdy-gurdy.

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Il Violino & La Selce Festival
Piazza Della Repubblica
Jesi (Ancona)


AMT #1

AMT #2

AMT #3b

AMT #1 + AMT #2 + AMT #3b + AUD #2 + SBD #1b Matrix Mix

Attendee Recollections

Halvard Haldorsen attended this gig and remembers: “In between here comes my little trivia; John starts to walk off the stage. Me and my boyfriend shouts an enthusiastic CUCKOO at him. He hears it, turns to the mic looks at us and says, ‘Sometimes, you have to be.’ Just to show our enthusiasm and that we thought it was the appropriate thing to say to him. Humor meeting artistic madness. Ps! After the show they played the entire Kraftwerk Tour de France album over the PA while Peter signed autographs. Forgot to mention. If you listen very closely to the Jesi recording you can vaguely hear us shouting out in the audience ;)”

D.A. attended this gig and remembers: “at the time I wasn’t a massive follower of Coil’s, and I travelled nearly 600 km mainly to see Antony’s 20 minutes or so performance. But the whole experience was utterly transformative for me, and prescient of people and friends I would meet later in the UK. I remember the set by Coil as being of an overwhelming intensity, Geoff was spirited and disturbing and the whole visual impact was stunning, while the whole feel was even darkly funny at times. I then became a great fan. But at the time I was in absolute and transcendent awe for Antony, who then became huge the following year. My host in Lesi was utterly terrified by Geoff :)”

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AMT #1 – Colonel XS.
AUD #2 – Massimo Villani and Pierce Wyss.

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