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At Centrum Filmowe

26th October 2002 – Centrum Filmowe, Lódz, Poland

Set List

  1. I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves)
  2. The Last Rites of Spring
  3. Are You Shivering?
  4. Amethyst Deceivers (Version 3)
  5. A Warning from the Sun
  6. Drip Drop
  7. Windowpane
  8. Ostia
  9. I Don’t Want to Be the One
  10. Bang Bang (Sonny Bono Cover)
  11. An Unearthly Red


Feeling: Reflective

Live Four” phase.

Debut performance of “Windowpane.” The naming of such is a bit debatable, but it’s necessary for clarity. In this form as opposed to on the Love’s Secret Domain album, this song is more of an electronic jam. This particular version lacks lyrics that match the album version, but the two subsequent versions of the song have lines akin to them: “Gold is the metal with the broadest shoulders / Took liquid LSD in my eye.”

Supposedly, the entire band were tripping on psilocybin mushrooms – at least John was. They put him in a foul mood. Exacerbating this were several photographers who insisted on using flash photography. He berated the audience throughout the show and gave more of an unhinged performance than usual. Centrum Filmowe has a raised stage, but most of the audience sat on the floor a few feet away from the very front. This gave John the space to run off the stage and interact with the audience.

Photographic and video evidence confirm Massimo and Pierce wrapped themselves in cling film for this performance as well, though it’s unknown if they were required to by the club or just decided to themselves. Unlike at Gdansk, “An Unearthly Red” was played, so they may not have been under any religious obligation to cover up. By the time they got to that song, Massimo’s film was really falling in tatters, exposing his genitals.

Near the beginning of “I Am Angie Bowie,” John says, “Make this loud, make this loud, please make this loud. Britannia rules the sine waves…Britannia rules the waves…Britannia waives the rules…she waives the sine waves…” At the end, he sings, “There are crazy horses, here” repeatedly. After a few moments of the silence, he says, “That’s the end of the beginning, so clap. Clap or wank, or whatever…what you do.” The audience claps and cheers.

As “The Last Rites of Spring” starts up, he says, “Now is the different position. Now is the different position. It’s the different disposition. It’s, uh, pain in the ground. So many fucking photographers, why are you chroming my mind?! You know the church in Gdansk. We were in a church, a cathedral, in Gdansk. Each picture you take reflects my inner state, so…We were in a church in Gdansk.” He is referring to the gig from the previous night, perhaps lamenting a busy touring schedule.

As “Are You Shivering?” begins, John says, “Moon musick under the light of the moon.” He makes hushing and moaning sounds throughout the beginning of the song and doesn’t really sing until the first choir section.

Before “Amethyst Deceivers,” John says, “You’re a very polite audience, ha! We’re a very polite band. I’ve got water all over me.” As the song commences, he goes on a length rant: “This is an important message for those who take psilocybin mushrooms. Hallucinate. Cause a flux in your deliciousness. Pay your respects to those mushrooms that teach you things, and if they don’t teach you, they’ll teach you a lesson. They’ve taught me lessons since I was eleven. They took me to heaven when I was eleven. So pay your respects to the vultures. Pay your respects to the vultures. It’s such an entanglement. I have to thank Adi Newton for such an entanglement. I know you on the bootleg. Will people understand what I’m saying? I have to thank Adi Newton from Clock DVA and Sean/Shawn and Rob Prortair (?), look, asking us to All Tomorrow’s Parties. We’re privileged, we’re humbled. We are privileged, we are humbled. We are privileged, we are humbled. And then Ian Curtis hung himself from his fucking window; what was that about? Mediocrity bleeds contempt, mediocrity bleeds contempt, mediocrity bleeds contempt, mediocrity bleeds contempt, and mediocrity bleeds contempt, and mediocrity bleeds contempt, and mediocrity bleeds contempt. I’ll electrocute my ears. I’ll electrocute my queers. I will electrocute my peers.” I’m unsure if John was really was doing mushrooms by age eleven. This is also the only time, I believe, where he addresses bootleggers live. Not sure who Sean or Rob are, possibly curators of the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, which Coil were set to play the following year on April 6. Ian Curtis was the lead singer of post-punk band Joy Division who killed himself on the eve of their debut American tour on May 18, 1980; he did not hang himself from his window, but rather from a clothes line in his kitchen.

Before “A Warning from the Sun,” John says, “Oh?” An audience member says to him, “Bravo. Bravo.” John drawls, “Excuse me?” The audience laughs. He continues, “Speak English, please.”

This leads into “Drip Drop,” where he seems to repeat a lot of the backing audio track’s lines and even addresses his late friend Russell. At one point, John crawls of the stage, takes his water bottle, and splashes the floor in front of it. Interesting lyrics:

Russell, whistle and I’ll come to you, my lad
Russell, I’ll come to you, my lad
Look at you, come on
I will slice you with my knife
Who’s up for cutting? Come on

It’s the damage done (repeated)
I wanna drink like my sperm (?)
I will unleash my worm
Why won’t you take my cold? (?)
I sound like fucking Jim Morrison, fuck that!

John rolls his sleeves down on the line “Who’s up for cutting? Come on,” displaying his own cuts on his arms from his infamous self-harming psychotic episodes. I also take it he did like the lead singer of 60s/70s band The Doors! The “damage done” line might be a reference to Neil Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done.”

“Drip Drop” segways right into “Windowpane,” which has nascent lyrics compared to the next two versions:

I’m trying (repeated)
It’s a trial (repeated) 

Try and be grateful
Don’t (you) try it (repeated)
Oh, so what? (repeated) 

Oh, to see
Oh, to see them passing
I wish (repeated)

Don’t try me, I will cry (repeated)
Don’t try me, or I’ll cry (repeated)

Some of John’s delivery of those lines suggest he might have actually been on the verge of tears.

As “Ostia” begins, John says, “Dedicated to Pao…Pier Palolo [sic] Pasolini, and to the poets and the queers, here.” The backing audio track pauses for a second in the middle of the song.

Before and as “I Don’t Want to Be the One” begins, John says, “Quiet, audience, thank you. A reflection, a deflection, a refraction, expectectation [sic], tick tick -tation, a dictation, I don’t want to be the one. You see, sometimes, like people put stuff on me. I am a mirror to reflect back what you say ‘bout me, or write about me, or say about me, or do about me. I am not what you think I am. I don’t know what I think I am either. It’s just I don’t wanna be the one who has to choose what you say about me, or them, us, here, now. Do not reflect, do not expect, inflect, introspect, disrespect, hopeless fucking ingeniousless [sic], -ness. Because these things that get put upon me, and this photography and this, like, it’s okay. I said yes, but you should ask, and I don’t want to be the one.” As the song ends, he says, “Then sometimes, I have to be, so I have to put my head on backwards, heh.” Someone then whistles and I think Thighpaulsandra says something, but I can’t make it out.

As “Bang Bang” begins, John says, “A Sonny Bono song.” After the song, he says, “That’s in memory of Kurt Cobain. Dedicated to Courtney [pronounced “Curt-knee”] Love.”

Before and as “An Unearthly Red” begins, John says, “And now, a little something about America. Superpower supermodel, fuck them all. Oh, there’s blood coming from your mouth; how surprising.” Peter struggles to get the backing video projection working, which apparently gets John’s attention as he says something to him just out of earshot. By the time the video comes on, John says, “Good for you! Freebird.” Throughout the track, John runs around the audience, at one point singing a few lines directly into the AMT #2 camera. At the climax, John jumps and swings upside down on a wire hanging from the ceiling – two videographers take pictures and/or film him doing this.

After the song, someone says, “Thank you very much.” John then says, “Thank you very much for coming tonight. We really appreciate it. We’ve had a hell of a long journey to get here but thank you for coming. It was worth it, massively, and please come again if we come again. Yes, thank you?” Audience member: “Drink more water.” John: “And drink more water. Thank you.” Another audience member shouts, “Thank you!” and John responds, “Oh, you’re very welcome.”


John Balance.
Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson.
Simon Norris (Ossian Brown).
Massimo Villani – Pasolini poem on “Ostia,” performer.
Pierce Wyss – performer.

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A contemporary bootleg disk (of a 2-cd set) made of the gig

Ticket Stubs


Address at the time of the concert:

Łąkowa 29

Current address:

Lódzkie Centrum Filmowe Sp. z o.o.
ul. Obywatelska 102/104, bud. C kl II
94-104 Lódz


Gig Review(s)

Here is Radek Pasternak’s review (translated into English from Polish; forgive the typos, as I do not know Polish and thus am forced to use Google Translate) of this concert for taboo.art.pl. He misdated it, but the review was indeed for this particular gig:

Coil (Lodz Film Center, October 27, 2002)

In the middle of last year, I came across on the Internet at the following slogan: “Coil for two concerts in Poland” . As the die-hard fan of their work t akiej chance to see the legend live can not let go, the choice fell on lying closer to my place of residence Lodz. Despite the typically autumn rainy weather, “film” part of the city impressed me the best impression – what a perfect choice of the industrial atmosphere of the place to the sources from which derives the music Coila … digressions on the subject, however, leave for another occasion, as well as descriptions factory monumentality of the city. Best to go there and see for yourself – I recommend!

What is the possibility of electrifying to see Coila live? I do not think the fact that the core team creates the pair (recently, however, remaining with each other on friendly terms) Gay: Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and Geoff Rushton , better known under the pseudonym John Balance ? Although we live in a rather strange country, where the sound of the word “gay” majority of the population willing to bend the solid rock, but this time without its oprotestowywania events by the wheels of the Rosary and supporters of a tax-free radio station. They had too little publicized this “scandal”? Anyway, in my case, the only point of worship in / in men is music that make up the … well, this year’s Coil celebrates twenty years of its activities! Not only that, Christopherson in the seventies was the co-founder of the radical group performance Coum Transmissions and derived from the musical pioneers as industrial – group Throbbing Gristle . After the dissolution of the band part of the staff set up a group Psychic TV , having assumed to be a multimedia project. There, Peter met his future partner and collaborator, John. Not entirely satisfied with the development of Psychic TV, they decided to create their own project, which gave the name of Coil.

It may be hard to imagine, but most of the music that appears from time to time in the regions called. progressive pop music could be heard a few years earlier … The discs Coila. Their evolution proceeded from siermiężnego dark-EBM-era “Scatology” by the dance-rhythmic brain departures “Love’s Secret Domain” , totally psychoactive and shapeless messages contained on discs recorded under the names ELPH and Time Machines , ending with the ethereal and monumental, two-part “Musick to Play In the Dark” and noisy and brilliant “Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil” , which seems to contain elements of pure, animal energy. Since about three years Coil, which is assumed studio project (not to mention a few concerts at the beginning of his career), he returned as one of the most interesting live-actów independent scene. Aided by invited musicians (mainly being “on-time” third member Thighpaulsandra ) and performers (most recently Massimo and Pierce with a controversial Swiss Black Sun Productions ), have had a few dozen concerts, m. In. in Europe, Russia and the United States. Reviews and photos of the performances arouse curiosity and cause an irresistible urge to pick their music combined with a stage performance version “live”.

It finally awaited day. First, a few words about the place and the people: Lodz came approx. 500 people, many of them friends of the so-called. underground, but many also run a variety of reasons – greetings for both groups! A concert hall she was quite large and perfectly adapted acoustically hall movie studio – and I applaud the organizers expect more such events in the future! On the “company” stand with plates and gadgets drew attention primarily high prices (eg. Round 100 PLN for the album “Remote Viewer” available only at concerts …), while the other two (belonging to the Polish publishers and distributors), the opposite : price of the most affordable and … lack of Polish distributor plates Coila!

And finally, with a slight delay, they took off…

Stretched and processed phrase introduction to “Anal Staircase” . Four motionless, dressed in white characters with synthesizer and microphone, the sides of the stage, two others dressed in conical outfits – the mystery was initiated. On the back of the stage you can see the big screen, and the video małpiatką (may lemur?), Who is trying to catch venomous, orange centipede. The image of the so strange that it was the first animal seems like a benefit from the action of venom, sinking in kilkunastosekundowe states of stupor … Some people probably know like the states of operation of more or less of the chemical origin … To all this, of course, the question is asked: ” What Kind of Animal Are You? ” So much for the introduction. As the human memory is sometimes unreliable and can play only the events of special importance and influence, excuse me, but I noted in my head only some fragments of the concert … Characters (Massimo and Pierce) during the performance gradually get rid of their clothes until remain clothed only in bandages with transparent foil and … white paint on the body. “Dancers” remain motionless, from time to time by performing only economical gestures. During the “Are You Shivering” stand all the time with his arms bent in the shape of large cups. The latter song, for my taste a little too little force – after the disc radiates from him, the energy from the earth trembles! On the screen, a full moon and hypnotically undulating sea-colored brick-brown. Thighpaulsandra with another musician slowly and majestically change places with instruments. Then the time for “Amethyst Deceivers” – obviously heavily unrecognizable version … It is also a quiet ballad dedicated to … the widow of Kurt Cobain . At some point, Massimo announces the Italian song “Ostia” , dedicated to the memory of director Pierre Paolo Passoliniego . During the next “I Do not Want To Be the One” in paragraph two fixed form begins slowly flowing blood. At the last (as it turns out) the song the dancers suddenly revive – the music convulsively smear “blood” after their bodies and the stage. Stroboscopes offend the eyes, Balance throws himself around the stage, shouting perverse text – energy seems to swirl in the air … This piece, which had never heard (it was the second day – the first was a ballad for Courtney Love ) is indeed brilliant – consists of very expressive “breakbeatowego” rhythm typical of Coila dense textures electronics and manic, expressive vocals. Has the announcement of the new album? If so, I’m looking forward!

It is unfortunate that this is the end, although we must admit that they played not the shortest: just over 1.5 hours. The team put on their “classics” and absolute novelty – a pity, however, that there were no tracks with excellent plate “Constant Shallowness …” . To sum up: for staunch supporter – ecstasy, for the uninitiated – such as the concert moving senses and body. Additionally, even outright fantastic sound quality (loudly, clearly, but without a trace of a busy grating) – for the next concert they go without a second thought!

In conclusion, I would like to share a few comments. The concert proved that in Poland there is quite stable and clear audience of music existing beyond the so-called. mainstream and, despite the fact that this group is negligible (as close czterdziestomilionowy country), it is this type of event to organize. It is all the more so if it is available to a place like Lodz Film Centre – the idea was simply sensational. Not to przesłodzić, a small note to the organizers for the future advise to think about more efficient protection. I do not mean any dangerous situation, because those are not even there, and only need to shift some viewers in another place – a handful of people standing in front very effectively obscured view of the stage…

The following is Tomek’s review of the concert, translated from Russian to English using Google Translate that can be found here:

Coil, Łódź Film Center, October 26, 2002.

On October 26, Łódź hosted a concert of an important formation originating from the industrial scene, namely the COIL team. The concert is important because the band is regarded as one of the leading representatives of the underground experimental music scene, which until today is a very creative formation and how well it is culturally known. Balance & co. they began their musical mystery at 20.45, which is quite a time (the concert was planned to take place at 20.30) and ended quite quickly, because after one and a half hour! The music that you could hear that evening was completely different from the one we know from Coil’s studio production. The band was accompanied during the concert by two performers from Switzerland, who were initially dressed in black robes, which were then dropped and you could see that the gentlemen had on their bodies kuse clothes (if you can call it that anyway). In my opinion, it was not unusual what both gentlemen presented to each other. I must say that at some point I completely stopped paying attention to them.

I liked the images in the background much more. From psychoactive graphics to photos of people and ending on a computer game. Coil started the concert with a sonic attack of sound, which after a few minutes turned into an addictive musical ritual. The pieces presented by Coil (those I recognized) differed significantly from the versions known from the records. Slowly developed noise attacks were mixed with calmer, more subtle songs. One of the songs was even dedicated to Kurt Cobain! Balance on the stage raged, he fell into a lunatic trance and completely indulged in music. In places, Balance’s behavior reminded me of another vocalist, David Byrna. Coil surprised me very much.

The songs presented by the band in some places were able to smash the skull :). I liked the piece ending the whole show the most. Heavy, slow rhythm, a lot of electronics spiced with a noisem and four lamps attacking with a very sharp patch meant that the listener loses control over where and what is happening :). In addition, a computer plane flapping into the ground in the background. In a word delicious! The acoustics of the hall in which the concert took place was good. Immediately I must say that I liked the atmosphere, a lot of scrap metal, concrete etc. :). Besides, you could buy a lot of publications from the circle of unconventional music, which, as usual on such occasions, enjoyed great popularity. Summing up the concert was very successful, but not too short, which many people complained about. Let’s just hope that someone will come to Lodz again because there are too few such events here.


Known Recordings

Tapes owners/taper:

AMT #1 – Robert Tuta
AMT #2 – Marcelo Zammenhoff

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