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13th January 2018 – Site Update:

* Reorganized “Background” section of every Concert page such that “Attendee Recollections,” “Gig Review(s),” and “Contemporaneous Interview(s)” are now separate sections.

* Minor spelling errors corrected and minor additions throughout.

4th January 2018 – Site Update:

* Morgan Yew’s concert recollections added to Megalithomania 2002 concert page.

* “AUD” reassigned as “AUD #1” and “AUD #2” added to the “2002-10-12” table on the Megalithomania 2002 concert page.

* Bootlegger’s note attached to AUD #1 of the 2002 Limoges concert added to the “Known Recordings” section of the page.

1st January 2018 – Site Update:

* Ticket scan added to the Montreal 2003 concert page, courtesy of Robert Murphy.

29th December 2017 – Site Update:

* Another concert review added to “Background” section of the Bologna 2002 concert page.

* AMT #3 added to Paris 2004 concert page.

22nd December 2017 – Site Update:

* ‘Event Guide’ magazine DEAF poster for the Dublin 2004 Concert added.
* Remastered Birmingham Supersonic 2003 poster (300dpi, 3500×2431 download link), originally created by artist Lucy McLauchlan.
* Birmingham Supersonic 2003 concert booklet and newspaper review.

6th December 2017 – Site Update:

4th December 2017 – Site Update:

* Further analysis added to “Setlist” section of the Fylkingen 2002 concert page.

3rd December 2017 – Site Update:

* Ticket scans added to the Vooruit 2002 concert page, courtesy of Michael Festerling.

* “AMT” reassigned as “AMT #1” and “AMT #2” added to the “2002-10-26” recordings table on the Lódz 2002 concert page.

* “How You Can Help” page updated with “Pictures” section.

25th November 2017 – Site Update:

* New matrix mix added to Coil Archiver Youtube channel: 2002-10-05 Ydrogeios, AMT #1a + AMT #3 + SBD.

* “How You Can Help” page updated with “Source Upgrades” and “Your Matrix Mix Requests” sections.

* Extra introduction added to “Coil’s Final Days – The Death of John Balance” section of “Coil’s History 2004-2010” page.

21th November 2017 – Site Update:

* Reorganized the “Live Recordings” tables on each page such that the order presented is consistently AUD, SBD, AMT, PRO, and EDIT

* Ticket scan added to the Birmingham 2003 page, courtesy of Martin Weinrich

20th November 2017 – Site Update:

* “Coil’s History 2004-2010” essays and “External Links” sections added to website

19th November 2017 – Site Update:

* Programme scans and ticket scan added to the Melkweg 2004 concert page, courtesy of Maarten HD.
* Ticket scan added to the Lódz 2002 concert page, courtesy of Ninail.
* Photographs added to the Jesi 2004 concert page, credited to photographer Dolma Alonso.

15th November 2017 – Site Update:

* “News” section added to the Live Coil Archive website. We will detail periodic updates and new recording surfaces from here onward.