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7-8 Oct 2018 – Site Update:

* Taper discovered: Jan Bruun for AUD #1, Oslo 2002

* Ticket and sign bar receipt pictures added to Oslo 2002 page, courtesy of Bernard Hall-Falconer

24 Sept 2018 – Site Update:

* Two additional pictures of Pierce Wyss and John Contreras and John Contreras’ recollections added to the 2001-06-03 Leipzig page.

2 Sept 2018 – Site Update:

* Several images of posters, adverts, ticket stubs, and gigs added throughout the website, courtesy of Pete Greening and Greg Smith.

6 Jul 2018 – Site Update:

* Programme and ticket pictures added to the Jesi 2004 concert page, courtesy of Halvard Haldorsen.

23 June 2018 – Site Update:

2002-10-05 Greece AUD officially surfaced. Thank you, Chris and Patrick!

27 May 2018 – Site Update:

* “AUD” reassigned as “AUD #1” on the “2004-10-23” table on the Dublin 2004 concert page.

2004-10-23 Dublin AUD #2 officially surfaced. Thank you, Chris and Patrick!

20 May 2018 – Site Update:

2001-06-03 Leipzig AUD #4 officially surfaced. Thank you, Chris and Patrick!

15 May 2018 – Site Update:

* Another concert review added to “Background” section of the Lódz 2002 concert page.

12 May 2018 – Site Update:

* “Coil Transmitter Stone #3” officially claimed by Chris and Patrick. They have graciously shared AMT for the 2001-03-25 Nantes show. Download it here.

6 May 2018 – Site Update:

* Threshold HouseBoys Choir 2009-05-15 Antwerp AMT #1 officially surfaced. Thank you, Anonymous!

15 April 2018 – Site Update:

* Ticket scan, concert flyers, and review of concert added to the Antwerp 2001 concert page, courtesy of Carsten S.

13 April 2018 – Site Update:

* “M2, WAV” source upgrade of AUD #1a of RFH 2002 surfaced. Thank you, Pete Greening! Find it here.

* “M2, WAV” source upgrade of AUD #1 of Megalithomania 2002 surfaced. Thank you, Pete Greening! Find it here.

10 April 2018 – Site Update:

* Added “LCA Studio Coil Projects” section to website

9 April 2018 – Site Update:

* Added “Interview” and “Radio Special” video links onto the Nantes 2001, Amsterdam 2001, Montreal 2003, Birmingham 2003, Dublin 2004, and Coil’s History 2004-2010 pages.

6 April 2018 – Site Update:

COIL’s ‘Lost Rivers’ Studio Sessions 1995-1996

A free fan-sourced EP release.

“COIL’s ‘Lost Rivers’ sessions occurred during their London studio time in the winter season of December 1995-February 1996 (for what ultimately became the “A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room” album). A track from this specific set of recordings appeared on the vinyl-only pressing of that album and another track featured on a psychedelic magazine compilation album. Around this recording time Jhonn Balance received a fax from David Tibet containing evocative passages from the Crackanthorpe ‘Vignettes’ journal from 1896…”

This EP includes:

* An 18-page ‘CD booklet’ pdf by Barrington Arts with liner notes of the ‘Lost Rivers’ studio sessions.
* Sleeve art .tif file.

This EP is the result of a Live Coil Archive website admin receiving a few unreleased takes and DAT master files as FLACS from a COIL fan, all taken from these Black Light District/COIL sessions.

Link to the collection here.


5 April 2018 – Site Update:

* Added “M_” lineage denomination and file type to each recording currently on the site, edited various bits of info attached to many recordings.

4 April 2018 – Site Update:

* “Surfacing Chronology / Source Upgrades” section added to the Live Coil Archive website.

* Further information added to “Background” section of Fano 2002 page.

2 April 2018 – Site Update:

* 2002-10-12 Megalithomania AUD #2 officially surfaced. Thank you, Morgan Yew!

XX February – 28 March 2018 – Site Update:

* “Coil Archiver” Youtube channel faces three copyright strikes and is taken down

* Kiefer Gorena spends two months rebuilding Coil’s Youtube presence with new channel “Live Coil Archive,” adding all Youtube videos to individual gig listings on LCA website

* Reorganized layout out of each page by dividing “Background” into “Tour Background” and “Concert Background” where relevant and reordering “Gallery” to come before “Video” sections

* Added a couple of exclusive lyric subsections on various concert pages

* Various spellcheck and minor edits throughout website

11 February 2018 – Site Update:

* “Coil Transmitter Stone #2” officially claimed by Don Rubin. He has graciously shared SBD #1b (the full desk recording) for the 2002-04-13 Glauchau show. Download it here.

25th January 2018 – Site Update:

This brand new curated collection features 19 highest quality and remastered tracks from COIL’s legendary Scatology studio sessions.
This collection includes, for the very first time:
* Previously unheard takes.
* Extremely rare versions.
* Highest quality FLAC sources for previously leaked songs.
* 18-Page Art/Text booklet specifically designed by Barrington Arts.
90% of the tracks are sourced from remastered FLAC files for the very first time, donated to the Live Coil Archive in 2017 for creative use by the LCA. The team at LCA sincerely extend our thanks to this anonymous donor.
If interested, see more details in the accompanying illustrated pdf booklet. We at LCA hope you enjoy!
Link to the collection here.
PB and KG

13th January 2018 – Site Update:

* Reorganized “Background” section of every Concert page such that “Attendee Recollections,” “Gig Review(s),” and “Contemporaneous Interview(s)” are now separate sections.

* Minor spelling errors corrected and minor additions throughout.

4th January 2018 – Site Update:

* Morgan Yew’s concert recollections added to Megalithomania 2002 concert page.

* “AUD” reassigned as “AUD #1” and “AUD #2” added to the “2002-10-12” table on the Megalithomania 2002 concert page.

* Bootlegger’s note attached to AUD #1 of the 2002 Limoges concert added to the “Known Recordings” section of the page.

1st January 2018 – Site Update:

* Ticket scan added to the Montreal 2003 concert page, courtesy of Robert Murphy.

29th December 2017 – Site Update:

* Another concert review added to “Background” section of the Bologna 2002 concert page.

* AMT #3 added to Paris 2004 concert page.

22nd December 2017 – Site Update:

* ‘Event Guide’ magazine DEAF poster for the Dublin 2004 Concert added.
* Remastered Birmingham Supersonic 2003 poster (300dpi, 3500×2431 download link), originally created by artist Lucy McLauchlan.
* Birmingham Supersonic 2003 concert booklet and newspaper review.

6th December 2017 – Site Update:

4th December 2017 – Site Update:

* Further analysis added to “Setlist” section of the Fylkingen 2002 concert page.

3rd December 2017 – Site Update:

* Ticket scans added to the Vooruit 2002 concert page, courtesy of Michael Festerling.

* “AMT” reassigned as “AMT #1” and “AMT #2” added to the “2002-10-26” recordings table on the Lódz 2002 concert page.

* “How You Can Help” page updated with “Pictures” section.

25th November 2017 – Site Update:

* New matrix mix added to Coil Archiver Youtube channel: 2002-10-05 Ydrogeios, AMT #1a + AMT #3 + SBD.

* “How You Can Help” page updated with “Source Upgrades” and “Your Matrix Mix Requests” sections.

* Extra introduction added to “Coil’s Final Days – The Death of John Balance” section of “Coil’s History 2004-2010” page.

21th November 2017 – Site Update:

* Reorganized the “Live Recordings” tables on each page such that the order presented is consistently AUD, SBD, AMT, PRO, and EDIT

* Ticket scan added to the Birmingham 2003 page, courtesy of Martin Weinrich

20th November 2017 – Site Update:

* “Coil’s History 2004-2010” essays and “External Links” sections added to website

19th November 2017 – Site Update:

* Programme scans and ticket scan added to the Melkweg 2004 concert page, courtesy of Maarten HD.
* Ticket scan added to the Lódz 2002 concert page, courtesy of Ninail.
* Photographs added to the Jesi 2004 concert page, credited to photographer Dolma Alonso.

15th November 2017 – Site Update:

* “News” section added to the Live Coil Archive website. We will detail periodic updates and new recording surfaces from here onward.